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 •Traditional Body Scrub / Lulur ( 39 )
 •Traditional Body Mask / Boreh ( 22 )
 •Bath Series ( 20 )
 •Rose Water ( 1 )
 •Herbal Compress ( 14 )
 •V Spa ( 12 )
 •Breast Mask ( 1 )
 •Face Mask ( 5 )
 •Home Pack ( 4 )
 •Massage Oil ( 18 )
 •Herbal Hair Oil ( 2 )
 •Ear Candle ( 1 )
 •Incense Stick ( 6 )
 •Herbal Pouch Pout Pourri ( 10 )
 •Essential Oil ( 18 )
 •Candle ( 1 )
 •Aromatherapy Burner ( 4 )
 •Plate ( 3 )
 •Ceramics Bottle ( 2 )
 •Spa Accesorries ( 5 )
 •Natural Face Care ( 5 )
 •Stone Therapy ( 1 )

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Datang dan kunjungi booth Kamaria T27-T30.

Seminar sehari "Cantik Dengan Tradisional Jawa"

Seminar sehari "Cantik Dengan Tradisional Jawa" di Solo, diikuti oleh 225 peserta. Dengan pembicara dr. Dewi Rinawati dan Ibu Ana Wuryanto. Demo Java Body Massage, Java Lulur, Java Hand and Food Care, Java Body Slimming, dan Java V SPA. Peserta selanjutnya bisa mengikuti training Java SPA secara lengkap dan mendalam dengan paket training Java SPA.

Paket training Java SPA diberikan 1 pemilik salon/SPA dan 2 therapies atau 3 orang therapies selama 3 hari di tempat training KAMARIA di Semarang tanpa biaya hanya dengan pembelian produk KAMARIA senilai Rp. 6.000.000,-.

Produk bisa diambil secara bertahap sampai dengan 6 bulan.

Apabila training dilakukan di salon/SPA setempat diluar kota semarang maka transportasi dan akomodasi trainer Kamaria ditanggung oleh salon/spa.

Training yang didapat:
Java Massage, Java Lulur, Java Boreh, Java Herbal Compress, Java Mandi Rempah, Java Perawatan Tangan, Java Perawatan Kaki, Java Slimming, Java V Spa/Ratus, Java Perawatan Wajah, Java Face Compress.

Informasi selengkapnya hubungi: Telpon. 024 6584421, 0811290828. (Sri, Dian atau Mei).


Vitaher was founded by dr Dewi Rinawati, she is a medical doctor on cosmetology.

She thought for a basic idea that for a good product needs good raw materials to make it.
With this visibility and her effort to help herbal farmers also people who lost job at that time during the economy crisis in Indonesia, she establish a small home industry.  The company “Vitaher” starts at 1997.

After a few years preparing the raw material of herbal, she met with Professors from Yonsei University, South Korea; Jae-Kwan Hwang, Ph.D. and Yaya Rukayadi, Ph.D, they work together to complete the research of Temulawak (Curcuma Xanthorhizae, Roxb) for the product application and exported as raw material to industries in South Korea to use it for: toothpaste, cosmetic, food-supplement/medical, yoghurt, chewing gum, house-hold cleaning agents, etc.

After this from the idea of a spa expert from USA, Vitaher start to use the herbal raw materials to make spa products.
With the fast growing of spa industry and bringing the traditional Javanese and Balinese spa-treatments methods and materials, Vitaher products has been exported to many countries such as: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Philippine, Middle-East countries, Cairo, Bahrain, USA, France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy and Germany.
Now Vitaher spa products, that all material are from Indonesian herbals, has hundreds kind of products.  Develop from the traditional herbal; Vitaher makes the natural product concept as an eco-friendly product and certified HACCP product.

Hoping to better serve the people needs and help farmers in Indonesia, Vitaher run to produce spa cosmetic-materials and spread to many countries to make Indonesian herbal as famous as the Royal traditional heritage of spa in Java and Bali.
The Vitaher Spa-Products also has a commitment for :

  • A Good Quality Product
  • A Good Price Offer and
  • A Good Service

For the customer and clients.

Story of Vitaher

Since 1997, Dr. Dewi Rinawati, as a general practitioner for medicine, has had many patients needing help after suffering from economic crisis in Indonesia.

Dr. Dewi is trying to help people and herbal farmers to earn more money, and Dr. Dewi had found that Curcuma xanthorriza (Temulawak, Indonesian Language) is the special herb originated from Indonesia and no other country in the world has had it.

Dr. Dewi began Curcuma xanthorriza’s production with good raw material of herbal, then made herbal instant drink. All productions are done with clean and healthy processes.

In 2001 Dr. Dewi met Prof. Hwang and Prof. Yaya from Yonsei University and worked together to research Curcuma xanthorriza. After 2 – 3 years, Vitaher has succeeded to export Curcuma xanthorriza to South Korea, being used for many healthy products.

Story of Kamaria

Dr. Dewi began to make traditional cosmetics like aromatic healing spa in 2006, and exported to countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Europe, Middle East, and USA.

Vitaher, alongside Kamaria Spa, concerned in natural agricultural business until now.

Kamaria was made based on traditional heritage for women care, and this heritage is still used in Indonesia until now.

Kamaria is made from 100% original Indonesian herbal and company hopes to help more herbal farmers earning more money for their life.

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