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Tradition of Javanese Princess
Lulur for Healing
Herbal Bath
Traditional Java Spa

This herbal drink is called JAMU in Indonesia is very famous because all the people from young until old drink this to make healthy and beauty.

Jamu have already been drink for a hundred years with recipe from the old generation of the people , Jamu is very common and they use with boiling some herbas and drink it everyday.

Until now Jamu is still popular in Indonesia and with the modern technologie they make Jamu more goods from the recipe of old tradition in Java.

Jamu is use in Indonesia not only for prevention but also for cure the disease that believe can help recovery of the disease.
  1. Born until 12 month : The mother will give a healthy drink as jamu.
  2. 12 month – 8 years : Drink jamu (curcuma domestica etc).
  3. 8 years until 15 years : Drink jamu, face and body care with traditional herbal.
  4. 15 years – married : Drink jamu, face and body care, Woman secret care, special body care for wedding.
  5. Have a baby : pregnant, after have a baby this care until 35 days.
  6. Untill to be old always drink jamu and care for the body and woman secret.

Lulur is the traditional body scrub that ingredients from herbal and have function for healthy and beauty.

All herbal for LULUR is have function :
  1. Curcuma domestica.
    This is a kind of herbal that use for skin problem and help the blood circulation of body.
  2. Curcuma Xanthorrizae.
    This herbal use as antiinflammation and good for acne, Also can helped to recovery of the metabolisme of lever function.
  3. Oryza sativa.
    This is white rice in Indonesia they believe if use this will be more moist and softness for the skin.
  1. For healthy body, use : 
    - Yellow lulur.
    - White lulur.
  2. For Slimming and detox :
    - Ginger lulur.
    - Green tea lulur.
    - Cinnamon lulur.
    - Spicy lulur.
  3. For Relaxing :
    - Jasmine lulur.
    - Lavender lulur.
    - Pandan lulur.
  4. For Refreshing : 
    - Lemon lulur.
    - Exotic lulur.
  5. For Reviving :
    - Rose lulur.
    - Dream lulur.
    - Flower lulur.
    - Coffee lulur.
  6. For Moist skin : 
    - White lulur.
    - Yellow lulur.
    - Coconut lulur.
    - Chocolate lulur.
    - Turmeric lulur.
    - Volcano lulur.
    - Java lulur.
    - Milk lulur.
  7. For Whitening :
    - Black lulur.
  8. For Common cold :
    - Spicy lulur.
    - Ginger lulur.

Aroma therapy lulur is make of herbal and pure essential oils and now in spa not only just for beauty but can also for therapies. In the future this lulur can use also to relieve the muscle and nerve from the heavy hard work.


Boreh in Indonesia is use like a mask and can use with a light massage or aply like a common mask.
One of the famous boreh is Bali boreh and Java boreh.
The ingredients of boreh is from : oryza sativa, zingiber officinale, galangal, curcuma, pandanus leaf.
And this ingredients like the lulur is have some function similar like lulur and also have agood result for body and healing.

Spicy boreh is the best for detoxification of body for healthy and beauty and after use this boreh use the wrapping for around 30 minutes.

Use for take bath and for relaxing and healing the body.

Is use for the vagina for reduce water, a good smell, anti inflamation.
  1. Use wet hot towel for whole body.
  2. Lulur.
  3. Massage oil.
  4. Indonesian compress.
  5. Boreh (wrapping).
  6. Herbal bath.
  7. Ratus.
  8. Woman wash.
  9. Foot therapies with aromatherapy love boom

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