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Essential Oil - Lavender
Essential Oil - Lavender  


: V/753 
Hits: 2634 

Kegunaan :    Cara pakai :     
*Untuk aromatherapy ruangan dan relaksasi    Tuang essential oil kedalam burner  yang 
Kemasan :    berisi air panas sebanyak 3-4 tetes,lalu 
Minyak Essential oil dalam botol kaca    taruh kedalam ruangan yang tertutup. 
       Ukuran/Berat :     
       4,5 ml, 13 ml, 1000 ml   
V/750 Apple Glass bottle  Menyegarkan     
V/751 Rose Glass bottle  Menyegarkan dan menstimulasi stamina 
V/752 Lemon Glass bottle  Menenangkan,Konsentrasi,sakit otot 
V/753 Lavender Glass bottle  Menyegarkan,Ketegangan syaraf 
V/754 Jasmine Glass bottle  Menstimulasi stamina tubuh,menyegarkan 
V/755 Orange Glass bottle  Untuk ketegangan syaraf   
V/756 Nilam Glass bottle  Menyegarkan     
V/757 Relaxing Glass bottle  Untuk relaksasi     
V/758 Flower Glass bottle  Untuk meditation     
V/759 Green tea Glass bottle  Untuk ketegangan syaraf , menyegarkan 
V/760 Grase Glass bottle  Untuk menenangkan     
V/761 Mint Glass bottle  Untuk ketajaman pikir ,sakit otot 
V/762 Clove Glass bottle  Untuk sakit ,menambah nafsu makan 
V/763 Sandal wood Glass bottle  Menyegarkan ,ketegangan syaraf 
V/764 Strawberry Glass bottle  Untuk menyegarkan     
V/765 Cananga Glass bottle  Menenangkan ,menstimulasi stamina 
V/766 Citrus Glass bottle  Menyegarkan,Ketegangan syaraf 
V/767 Ylang-Ylang Glass bottle  Untuk menenangkan     
Usefulness:   How to use:    
* For the aromatherapy room and relaxation     Pour the essential oil into the burner
Packaging:     contain as much as 3-4 drops of hot 
Oils Essential oils in glass bottles     water, then put into a closed room.
        Size / Weight:    
        4.5 ml, 13 ml, 1000 ml  
V/750 Apple Glass bottle   refresh      
V/751 Rose Glass bottle   Refreshing and stimulating stamina
V/752 Lemon Glass bottle   Calming, concentration, muscle pain
V/753 Lavender Glass bottle   Refreshing, nervous tension  
V/754 Jasmine Glass bottle   Stimulates the body's stamina, refresh
V/755 Orange Glass bottle   For nervous tension    
V/756 Nilam Glass bottle   refresh      
V/757 Relaxing Glass bottle   for relaxation    
V/758 Flower Glass bottle   for meditation    
V/759 Green tea Glass bottle   For nervous tension, refresh  
V/760 Grase Glass bottle   to calm      
V/761 Mint Glass bottle   For sharpness thought, sore muscles
V/762 Clove Glass bottle   For the pain, increase appetite  
V/763 Sandal wood Glass bottle   Refreshing, nervous tension  
V/764 Strawberry Glass bottle   to refresh    
V/765 Cananga Glass bottle   Soothes, stimulates stamina  
V/766 Citrus Glass bottle   Refreshing, nervous tension  
V/767 Ylang-Ylang Glass bottle   to calm      
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